Just trying to keep it real
through the love of music
I can only feel
No fame or fortune
just what I feel...
only to share with you...
cause you feel
like me, like me....you feel me!


Right now, It's me riding solo. Looking to collab. Full-time college student + Full time hustling don't leave much room for my true aspirations. I have been singing since the tender age of 7. I began writing at 12 yrs old. The one thing that I could understand was that the world wasn't right! Life is too precious and have to speak my mind about it. I have been playing the piano since the age of 8. I am what's normally called the "Quitta", as I difficulties and struggles with the instrument. Who don't you know what I mean. I am into movies, poetry, acting, comedy, science and other creative pursuits. I wish to be an inspiring artist, but love the music so don't matter to me!

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