I just want to be a Rcording engineer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!And a producer as well, I`m studiyng Popular Music Production in G. Martell college of music and audio here in mexico, a pretty good school, a lot of practice and pretty good teachers.Im also producing a Soul and R&B singer who is a very good friend of mine, I`m writing some songs for him and re-arranging a few more.I`m also buying some top pro equipment for this and further productions and designin my studio , It`ll be ready in 2009 and its gonna blow everybodys ass, at least here in my state I can promess u that¡¡¡¡

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Currently recording two demos, one for a girl who sings Pop music, im recording, mixing, mastering and producing it.I hope all goes well-the other is for a band that plays death metal, two diferent genres but I think I know them well enough.wait for them soon, I`ll put the links here so you can hear it
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