I write country tunes and am currently working on getting a publishing deal. I also play and sing, but not really good enough to do my own CD (you have to know your limitations), so songwriting is my thing.

I've just started to use Broadjam, and I am very hopeful of getting good results from it. The fact it allows my music to get out there is great.

If you like the tunes, let me know--all encouragement is welcome!

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Well, my first Top Ten with Contemporary Country Top Ten # 3 Fridays and Sunshine (radio). That's great, and I appreciate all who reviewed it. I am working on a number of new things, and hope to add a few tunes over the next few weeks or so.

My second top ten with Special Kind of Man. Thanks again to those who reviewed it.


over 30 days ago to Michael Cregan

Wow! Is that you singing? Incredible. It's a great song!

Marilyn Hall
over 30 days ago to Michael Cregan

Thanks for a good review of Country Feelin's-Instrumental. Best to you.

Drew Hale
over 30 days ago to Michael Cregan

Thanks for the great review of Shot Of Whiskey. All but one of these tracks are me and my band, so thanks for the kind words. Much appreciated.

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Michael Cregan
over 30 days ago

Good to hear. You've got it, so keep pressing to get there.

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