My name is Matt Wiegand and I like to make music that comes from the heart. I do this because I want to entertain people, but mostly because its a great way for me to express my feelings and beliefs.....

My debut album, Friends Who Used to Care is available for purchase on iTunes, Amazom mp3, Napster, Rhapsody and is available for download on my website, I wrote, recorded and produced all of the songs and my pops plays bass in almost all of the tracks.

Just take a listen and let me know what you think.

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Matt is a self taught musician and songwriter who, at the age of 20, has composed and recorded his first, fourteen song album. Matt, having played trombone in elementary and middle school, was given his first guitar, a Fender (Squire) Strat, at the age of 9. Matt has been surrounded by music since birth. His grandfather, who can be heard on the intro to the album's final track 606, was a concert pianist. Matt's father, who can be heard on various songs on the album, is a bass and guitar player. His mother played flute as a young girl, and his older brother played trumpet throughout his school years. Some of his early musical influences were Classic Rock and Country that he was exposed to as a young boy. He later developed an interest in such artists as Incubus, Bush, Green Day, 311, Eagles, Rush and Coheed and Cambria just to name a few. He is curently attending the College of Southern Maryland and plans to persue a career as a recording engineer. Matt's writing and playing style is a combination of rock and pop, and is very unique.

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