I am currently studying classical music in Edinburgh and have been writing songs since I was 11! I love singing and am running a promotional event called Operation Sing Forever (now part of the project 'Scottish Schools Tour') which seeks to prove to children that 'SINGING CAN BE COOL!' I write songs in various styles - anything from rock to choral - but my favourite style is certainly gentle piano ballads either with Christian or encouraging messages in them (or both!).

My latest song "Light Begins to Shine" speaks about the process of coming out of depression and I hope can be uplifting to all and an encouragement to those in such a situation.

I am a great believer in the encouraging power of song and there is nothing more uplifting than knowing that your music is making someone happy.

Latest News

I am now Project Coordinator of 'Scottish Schools Tour' and we have done two concerts with two more approaching. The feedback and reactions from the staff and pupils has been incredible, especially from the primary school in Dundee.

I have completed my latest CD 'Sacred and Divine'. Positive feedback - very encouraging.

I have been accepted to the Royal Scottish Academy of Music and Drama and will start in September. Delighted!

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