Rootsy, soulful voice and great songs written with real meaning and totally catchy hooks. Wishing on a Satellite is a must have CD!


Singer/Songwriter, Marysue Proveaux
has been performing on stage since the age of five. Her parents divorced at an early age and she needed a way to cope with having only one parent around, so she did so through music. Her Father was born and raised in Georgia and played guitar in a local band growing up, so music was already in her blood. She was born and raised in New Jersey, and has had a lifetime love affair with music. It is her passion and it shows in her voice and in the songs she writes.

Growing up, Marysue had many opportunities to perform. There were always kids that had a band in the neighborhood, so anytime she had the chance she would get up and sing. Soon that ambition turned into getting work in club bands and she really started developing a strong stage presence and powerful, individual vocal style.

Marysue plays an acoustic Larrivee and writes all of her songs on this favored guitar. Her songs are honest and real, taken from her own life experiences. Her style is edgy, yet her lyrics are fragile, but there is nothing fragile about this girl’s voice.

Marysue presently travels to Nashville frequently to write and record. When she is not writing, her full schedule has her performing four to six nights a week, keeping her in great shape vocally and physically. This past summer she was a featured artist at an showcase and has performed at many events in Atlantic City and many other venues along the north and south coast. Her debut CD “Wishing on a Satellite” was released this spring and has and organically natural style all of it’s own. It has become a top seller on CD with sales ranging from Japan to Italy. is her official website where you can hear clips of her latest material and see performance dates. She was recently invited to be a part of a website for all female guitar players called Marysue placed as a top finalist in “Ladaysixstrings’ 2002 Songwriting Contest” with her song “Wishing on a Satellite”. The website is also putting out a compilation CD which will include one of Marysue’s songs. It should be released in early fall of this year. “Wishing on a Satellite also won 2003 Billboard Songwriting Contest and “Coming up for Air” was a winner in the International Songwriting Contest”.


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Rhiannon Starr
over 30 days ago to Marysue Proveaux

Love your music, you have a beautiful voice :)

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