'I listened to your CD (Two Worlds) with great pleasure...I really liked it. You are good' - Milos Forman, Academy Awards winning film director (Amadeus, One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest, etc.) U.S.A, 1999

Listening to his music, the most exciting aspect is its freshness...highly melodic and far from predictable, his compositional style is modern and reflects myriad influences. -Dita Zizi, Muse Magazine, Australia, 1996

The Passing of the Black Star: ''It's a very beautiful piece. It's got so much change, and variety, and dynamics, and energy and atmosphere. He's done an incredibly good job of including all those references to Bowie's last album."
Upbeat with Eva Radich, Radio New Zealand

"My Canberra" (Symphony No. 2) ...with its edgy harmonies, constantly changing rhythms, lush accessible melodies and rich warm orchestrations, proved to be a great showcase for the orchestra... - Canberra Critics Circle, 2013

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'Classical guitar Alive show is featuring my music and an interview recorded with the host Tony Morris a few weeks earlier. Sneak preview here:


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Greetings once again, Mr. Budos. Saluting you from Zacatecas city, México, i would like to tell you that four years after listening to "The Passing Of A Black Star" i realize i wouldn't have become a classical guitarist if i had not heard this piece. It inspired me in so many different ways, and the timbre of the guitar is even "theatrical" to my ears, so i thank you deeply and hugely, the inspiration you gave me and that started my career as a classical guitarist. (4 years since i started, what a coincidence, hehe)
Greetings, take care

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Marian Budos
over 30 days ago

Hi Javier,

What a nice message to receive! Thank you.

I am so glad to hear that you are playing classical guitar and that my music inspired you to pick up the instrument. ðŸ'‚ That is wonderful!

Good luck with everything. And let me know if you would like a copy of the score as a reminder of your starting classical guitar.

All the very best.


Thanks on the reply! And thanks, infinite thanks and blessings for this inspiration. I would indeed like a copy of the score, and if it's possible, maybe play it with a quartet here sometime.

Marian Budos
over 30 days ago

Sure. I am happy to send it.
What's a good email address to send it to?

My email is javierdiazsantanamedrano@gmail.com
Greetings, Mr. Budos, take care

Marian Budos
over 30 days ago

Thank you. I will send the score shortly.


Awesome! Luckily i heard this piece live, it's my favorite classical piece now!

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Marian Budos
over 30 days ago

Hi Javier,

Thanks for the lovely comment - I am glad to hear Luke the piece so much. Did you go to see the New Zealand Guitar Quartet in Mexico the other day?

All the best!

Marian Budos
over 30 days ago

Sorry, typo.....glad to hear that you like ....

Yeah! I saw them in Zacatecas, in the hall of Manuel Felguérez museum, and we took them to dinner in a nice enchiladas place. And the next day, the gave some classes in Sala Hermanos de Santiago.

Marian Budos
over 30 days ago

That sounds great. I hope you had a nice time together.

Fossmana Productions
over 30 days ago to Marian Budos

Hey there Marian Budos, thank you for checking out my song "Dare the Devil".

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