born to a insane world, madmancapone grew up in the Longs projects of Port Arthur Tx. With no father ,he turned to the block to find his place as a man in life. through out his life he felt misplaced, in a house full of women. so he ended up leaving home for the streets. in the end, he would face a lengthy prison sentence(8years)for robbery. inside the walls he gained an understanding of his failure to reach his potential in life. in his music you will feel the regret and hear knowledge of experience. so listen closely and intently to truly understand his message.P.A.T. 4 life ***Streetz of P.A. mixtape series vol.1...get it

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the whole joint is on fire Ft. D-notez,WinkDawg,DDT & BigSmokinMitch,RowDawg,J-Rich da Pitt with appearances byPimpC(track9)big bubb&boonie locc(track3) plus more go to to hear all tracks
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