Mad Ducks Records has been in existance for a long time and for a short time at the same time. Artists on the label are like minded with very wide ranging influences. Some music can be prog rock, or ambiant, drum & bass, dark 80's, heavy metalish, electronic, unique, eclectic, and everything in between.

The music can sound like a penguin on acid eating jalapenos through his nostrils while manipulating a power-hammer and tap dancing to the beat of drum & bass, all that while being lost in the Sahara desert...

The Mad Ducks are always concocting new sounds, new tunes but aiming for maximum originality... without forgetting the beats and the melodies! Please listen here or on the Mad Ducks site and make sure you comment. Enjoy!

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In the middle of the final remixing and mastering of all the MDR catalog as well as production on two albums. Check out our site to hear more new music!


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over 30 days ago to Mad Ducks Records

We have a new song up celebrating the South African soccer team. Go and check it out here: H2m5cKo
Bafana Bafana!

Clean Clean

Clean Clean

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