Luke Miller is a songwriter and the minister of worship at Snohomish Community Church.

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"Broken & Complete" is an album that explores the honesty of my humanity and inadequacy along with the mysterious reality of God's life and salvation. I ask myself; "When the ways of this world are swept away, who will I be?" Even now, here on earth, if my identity is grounded in the successes of this world, my life is futile and languishing! But if I am found in Jesus Christ, I am complete, now and forevermore.


My prayer is that these songs will draw you closer to Jesus Christ. I hope you are drawn to a place of worship that goes far beyond singing a few songs in a Sunday pew. I think it is sad that we in the Church have made worship synonymous with music and singing. It is my desire to worship Jesus Christ in every nitty gritty detail of my life. Music is a part of worship, but I believe when God looks for my worship, He is listening to my heart. He desires for me to worship "in spirit and in truth." In other words, worship is not being at a certain place, feeling the right emotions and singing the right words. God wants me to worship Him everywhere and in everything I do. Even though much of my life comes back to being about me, I have surrendered my life to the pursuit of worship...and I hope you do too!


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