L P Navon has been composing songs for several decades and across three different continents, writing in a highly lyrical style with a focus on poetic text that often has a spiritual undercurrent. Along with songs on all the different phases of love, Navon's broad repertoire includes many songs on the perpetual search for meaning and connection, amidst the joys and challenges of life's ups downs and detours. Coming primarily from a folk and folk rock tradition, Navon's music also has flavors of the blues, country, gospel and alternative. Guitar, piano and harmonica comprise the instrumental accompaniments to a deep rich baritone that can range from the dark tones of significant sadness to brighter ones of unexpected elation. And so we keep on keeping on, still enthused by the endless creative adventure, without limit...
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The Sketchballs
over 30 days ago to L P Navon

"Bees Knees" is wonderfully poetic

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L P Navon
over 30 days ago

Thanks for your positive feedback. The woman I wrote 'Bees Knees' about made it easy to wax poetic... I had a listen to your three songs and really enjoyed the funky blues grooves and hip vocals. The band is wonderfully tight. Why don't you post the lyrics to the songs though, which sound interesting but are sometimes hard to hear. Good luck with all...

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