I am a singer/songwriter. I enjoy playing my songs in front of live audiences, because the audiences relate to my songs, and often join in singing the song's chorus with me. I've played my songs at various venues from Nova Scotia to Toronto, Canada, including "Stanfest 2009" Folk Festival, Canso, Nova Scotia, Canada.

I've received the following honorable mentions for my songs:
(1) Honorable mention-2008 Singer/songwriter Association songwriting contest.
(2) Honorable mention-2009 Billboard World Song Contest.
(3) Honorable mention-2009 (for two songs)-Singer/Songwriter Association songwriting contest.

In September-October 2009, I spent 4 days on the "Moby Dick" movie set in Lunenberg and Shelburne, Nova Scotia, Canada.
I have also appeared in the following movies:
(1) Martha Inc.
(2) Shattered City.
(3) Dev Con 4.
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