I started writing music as a teenager, basing my songs on my perceptions and observations of what was happening around me. Bands such as Adam and the Ants, Duran Duran, Pink Floyd and the Beatles all inspired me to write music and learn an instrument (guitar, bass and programming). I write in many styles, including rock, pop, electronica & hip-hop. I also wrote and played with original bands in Melbourne Australia in styles from grunge/punk to funk. Now I am solo in Noosa, Queensland. I enjoy finding other singers and artist who can lay down a few tracks for me too.
I grew up with folk and country music from my parents, pop music from my sister and a few favourites for myself. I now have an extensive library of original music to draw upon, in many styles... Rock, Pop, Grunge/Punk, Folk, Country, Electronica and Childrens. Nearly 300 songs currently.
I love writing and composing and am happy to be able to bring my words and music to potentially every corner of the earth. XO


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