Kandella was formed in 2002 by Anna and Frank Chambers. Both are accomplished songwriters and have at last found the time to get into the studio and record their debut album " Flying High ".All twelve tracks are original and range in style from acoustic ballads to country, pop and rock.
FRANK ON HOW KANDELLA WAS FORMED. I was leaving work one day when I ran into an old friend from years ago. He was still playing and recording and he asked if I was doing the same. I hadn't played any proper gigs for 10 years but said I still played the guitar for fun. Alec said he needed a guitarist for a track he was working on and offered me the session. Anna was brought in for backing vocals, we did the session and the two of us were hooked once more

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Sunday 9th September 2007
Thanks everyone.We are thrilled to be sitting at Number 1 in UK,Europe and pop Broadjam charts and Female vocals chart.
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