Jonathan began his music-making career playing piano aged six and has not stopped since. He achieved Associated Board Grade 8 piano with a distinction aged 17, and has studied and performed both in England and abroad

Recent Projects

Independent Films:

- Non Copos Mentis - NOP Film
Director - Ovidiu Puan

Non Copos Mentis was a half-hour independent film project about a young girl and her obsession with a celebrity. The timbre of the music was entirely orchestral, this was supposed to represent the fantasy element of her projections and the fairy tale style life she desired. The whole film was tied together using a three-note leitmotif, which appears in the flutes at the beginning of the film and develops in to a piano and string waltz in the finale of the film.

- Dandy in the Underworld - Student Film
Director- Sophie Dunnage

Dandy in the Underworld was a student film made entirely using puppets and thus presented me with a different style of scoring the movie. I tried to create every scene as a little jingle that you would expect to hear in a music hall alongside a Punch and Judy Show. It was slightly orchestrated but in a light-hearted way. The tongue-in-cheek tone complemented the film, as too much of any emotion would have been overpowering.


- SmartSong - James Morris Apps
Developer - James Morris

SmartSong is a new app that is available on iTunes, which is designed as a song-writing aide. The app works on the idea that there are four levels of intensity in a pop song. By providing every chord, major and minor, of every note of the scale, at four different levels of intensity, it allows one small musical motif to be extrapolated and form a whole pop song. I wrote two different motifs for the project and created every single component of the different tracks that where then entered into the apps algorithm.

Corporate Music:

- Judith Blacklock Flower School Course - Floristry Courses

The Judith Blacklock Flower School in Knightsbridge is currently in the process of producing a new online course and I have provided the introductory tracks for each of the films. I decided the music should be a gentle pop/easy-listening style, with an empowering drumbeat running through it. This was designed to be uplifting and give the students who were about to embark on the course a sense or reassurance and an exciting boost.

Library Music:

- Clear Wave Music - Graham Hellis

Clear Wave Music is an exciting new music library, launching in the next couple of months and it will be providing music services for television and radio. I have provided several tracks already, which are in a rock/contemporary pop style akin to Coldplay or Bruno Mars.


"My relation with Jonathan Round during the production of my short fiction film was both a fruitful collaboration and a rewarding professional experience. 'Non Compos Mentis' started to be a highly appreciated film in the festival circuit and the music score composed by Jonathan Round has a clear importance in getting the human emotions outside the screen.

I was impressed by the quality of Jonathan's work, by his creativity and his ability to transpose my directorial perspective into music notes. Jonathan always took me by surprise with his fresh compositions and I am looking forward to working with him for my future productions"

Ovidiu Puan

"Jonathan was a joy to work with. He has the rare ability to understand exactly what is needed and produce a score which works perfectly with the image and story. He's efficient, responsive and very skilled. I will definitely work with him again on future projects."

Steve Simmons


Jonathan's first attempt at composing music was at the age of eight when he tried to turn 'The BFG' into a musical. Admittedly, he only completed the introductory song so it was at school where the discipline of composing was properly explained to him through GCSE and A level music.

Once he left University, he initially embarked on a career as a pianist, however it soon became clear that composing was His passion. Jonathan enjoyed the process of writing music so much that he decided he would branch out from piano playing and make composing his career.


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