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Hey, Catsters!
Our own Warren Hein's "Let's Dance" has hit #1 Earth. Listen to it, star it, thumbs up it, buy it. It's terrific electronica!
Check out Ravensong's "Vampire Blue," a lovely rocking story of a distant gothic love.
Arden Snow's "Calypso (Piano only)" is a beautiful piece of cascading notes performed by the virtuoso. Arden Snow can also perform, mix, and master your music!
Also, listen to my new rocking anthem, "Ride the Wave."

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John Walradt
4 days ago

I'm going to guess: "We Didn't Have Time Enough."

Hi John,
Great to hear from you again! I absolutely vote you as one of if not...THE best reviewer on Broadjam. You always provide in depth, meaningful and helpful comments/perspectives in your reviews. It's obvious from your comments that you truly LISTEN to the song... noting technical and philosophical aspects.

I really appreciate your review on "I Make a Difference". Just the fact that you called out my intentional use of those same two notes placed every two measures is very percipient. That juxtaposed to me wife's lyrics reflects how something so simple... so seemingly insignificant... can indeed make a difference in so many ways.

Thanks for another comprehensive and useful review.

I'll be sure to check out some of your latest stuff... it's been a minute since I've been on your page.

Be and stay well,

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John Walradt
5 days ago

Thank you, Frank! Trying to stay out of harm's way. I had to go into SMIL imaging yesterday. The scheduler said she would type into my chart that I prefer the staff who attended me to wear masks. We asked three times if my wearing a mask was okay. "Oh, no problem!" When I followed the tech into the x-ray room, she took off her mask and wanted me to take mine off, too. I told her I wouldn't. They weren't imaging my face. So she and another tech were put off. It took them a half-hour and did them over saying my mask was in the way. I was upset on leaving. Found out the scheduler did not put it in my chart. The manager said, "We follow CDC guidelines and we cannot force our staff to wear masks." Arizona is very much an anti-mask state. When Lora and I are out, more often than not, we are the only ones masked. We use N and K-95s. Politics and personal vanity must NEVER get in the way of physical and mental health! It is a huge flaw in our society and government. Anyway, trying to get my mind distracted again with my songs. I'm going to redo "Sunny Sunday" again because I really like Sofi's folky vocals and get Arden Snow's piano on there...and get the sound updated! John

So sorry to hear about your experience at SMIL.

I totally agree that politics and personal vanity must NEVER get in the way of physical and mental health. It's disappointing to hear that a facility that is intended to help and/or heal people, is falling short of respecting the patient's preference. To your point, that preference leads to comfort which in turn leads to mental wellness. And both Jane and I truly believe that our mental health has a profound impact on our physical health.

Hang in there John, and I hope all turns out okay for you.


6 days ago to John Walradt

Hey John once again wow thank you so much for the great review of "Gothic Blue" Greatly appreciated and much needed. haha I was very nervous about even putting it up for review as I'm afraid one of the philistines might trash it and that would break my heart...Thank so much my friend.

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John Walradt
6 days ago

You betcha, my friend, and you can believe every word I wrote!

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