I've played music for nearly 25 years. My musical background mostly consists of playing bass in metal bands, but it also includes high school concert and marching band. Now I want to try and write commercial music, soundtrack/soundscape type stuff, and background music for film and t.v., while continuing to write original songs for my own CDs. I'd like to try writing some rap & hiphop backing tracks........basicly I want to try just about anything that has to do with music. I work hard and receive criticism well, so if you have a project that needs music, contact me and I'll get you want you want and need.

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Feb. 22,2010-Licensed my 3rd song, "Messing With Metal".

Nov. 28, 2010-Licensed my 2nd tune, "SYP Instrumental".

Oct. 2010-I licensed my first song through an oppertunity on here. That song is "Toontastic".

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I started playing trumpet in middle school. Then switched to Tuba in high school. It was also during high school that I began to play bass. My first band was called Heavy Reign, a insturmental progressive metal band. It lasted through out my high school years. Then out of high school I joined a band called the Forgotten. This was a power metal band that lasted many years after my departure. From there, in the mid to late 90's I helped form Blue Cheese, an alternative band. This band would last until 1999 and we released 1 CD. After this came my last band effort, Omega Tribe. This was my most fruitful effort. We recorded 3 CD's and did a small scale tour. Now I'm concentrating on writing and recording.

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