I'M a solo composer (used to have good vocals but now can't sing for nuts (-: and have performed in semi pro bands , The Triffiks (also known as The Triffik Organisation) who were a pop ans show band during the 60's) Big Bertha , a heavy metal band doing Cream,Beatles covers and originals,and kilspindie ,all were based in West Sussex (we had day jobs ),at the mo just have a Pro Tools SE program on a reecon lappy top,3 guitars and an Ashton keyboard,have also busked in London and Glastonbury town and done many an Open mic,i have cousin in New Zealand who is a pro musician and founder member of The Mods. have been a technical stage manager for over 20 years

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Recently purchased a Roland SY300 synth pedal and with my GT100 am composing mammoth instrumental
it will be called " ME LOW DAYZ" (geddit ? )


John Katon
John Katon
Stage Manager
Location: Devon
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My Contact Number: 01392215395
Website: Personal Website
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Year Role / Type Name of Production / Director Company / Venue
1990 - 2008 Stage Manager
Theatre Have done hundreds of fringe productions over the last 18 years.My Cv outlines the main ones.
Companies in London, Edinburgh, and Bognor Regis
Majority of Fringe venues in Central London
YearQualification Where
1996Stage Management (Refresher)
Chichester College of Further Education
1989Technical Stage Management Intensive Course.
Kingsway Colledge and Battersea Arts Centre
1962General Education
Midhurst Grammar School, Midhurst, West Sussex
About me
I am very creative and have many skills .I am an excellent organiser and effective in prioritising my own workload. Good communication along with a mature attitude. I also play guitar and I have played in a number of semi pro bands. I compose music and have had some of my compositions used in productions.I love my work and theatre life ! I have some of my compositions at www.johnkaton.co.uk

My main goal is to become a permanent member of an established theatre company my secondary goal is to raise finance (I know thats difficult at present) and join forces with other like minded people to form our own company
Additional Skills
Organizational skills
Research skills
Creative ability
Problem solving
Team work skills
Responds well to challenges

A positive "can do" mental attitude
Additional Information
Almost 20 years experience in the industry.
Primary Job Title
Stage Manager
Job Titles
Admin Assistant, Assistant Stage Manager, Box Office Assistant, Box Office Manager / Supervisor, Company Stage Manager, Composer, Deputy Stage Manager, FOH Manager, Fundraiser, Lighting Designer, Lighting Operator, Lighting Technician, Lighting, Followspot Operator, Production Assistant, Production Co-ordinator, Production Manager, Prop Maker, Props Assistant, Sales Manager, Set Builder, Sound Operator, Sound Technician, Stage Assistant, Stage Door Keeper, Stage Manager, Technical Manager, Technician, Technician, Assistant
Years in industry
6+ years
Company Experience
Childrens Theatre, Disabled Theatre, Educational Theatre, Ethnic Theatre, Regional Theatre, UK Touring Theatre
Languages Spoken
English, French
Experienced in
Comedy, Dance, Drama, Experimental, Fringe, Live Events, Musicals, New Writing, Pantomime, Revue, Shakespeare, Showcase, Tragedy
Work Permits
Interested in
Cruises, European Tour, Live Events, UK Tour, World Tour
DBS checked
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Music bio

when young belonged to 3 west Sussex bands, notably The Triffiks ( also known as The Triffik Organisation) we did 60s covers and many Tamla Motown hits , our last number was always a 20 minute version of Aretha's "Respect" I played a Framus short neck bass , did baking vocals and usually was lead singer when Tango our singer needed a break, I sang songs like Blackberry Way and Flowers in the Rain (by The Move) we performed all along south coast UK and some London gigs Eel Pie Island and the Whiskey a Go Go (Now named Wag ) in Waldour Street, I was with them for 5 years until we split up, I then joined another Petworth Band called Big Bertha where I doubled up on rythem and "set" leads, Big Bertha did many originals and covers of bands like The Cream, The Everley Brothers and we did a brill heavy version of Eleonor Rigby, and "The Price of Love " ( Long before Brian Ferry) My cousin Kevin Mcneil ( New Zealand) was a founder member of a very successfull band out there known as "the Mods" and he is still performing and recording out there in 2012, Kev released an albumn called "Back In 64 " in 2011 and has teamed up withh a female singer called Abie Callagher.The Triffiks did a cover version of their 60s hit "Love Love Love" I then joined a Midhurst band called "Killspindie" and we did 70s covers and one of my favourites "Allright Now " and Argents "Hold Your Head Up"( I Played rythem and lead guitar with Killspindie,I still compose songs( all the bands were semi-pro bands ( we had to have day jobs LOL Big Bertha was offered a contract to play in The british Army camps in Germany by MECCA dancing on condition we had our hair cut ( as in Army style) me and Muddle our drummer were all for that but the other 3 refused)-: one of the reasons we dis-banded since then Ive done many open Mic sessionns and busking in London, Glastonbury Town, Plymouth and soon Exeter. ( I dont have much gear)i was a technical stage manager in Fringe venues for almost 20 years and I did one show which was directed by Eliza Thompson ( it was a one hander) she heard some of my compositions (then on cassstte tapes) and told me that many of them would be suitable for movies, Eliza was sound supervisor on "The Madness of King George, and worked on thye sound score for "Interview for a Vampire, she has many movie credits and worked many times with George Fenton


John Katon
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Kate Carpenter
over 30 days ago to John Katon

Thanks, John, for the endorsement! Mrs Kate PS Merry Christmas!

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John Katon
over 30 days ago

my pleasure have a kewel yule ! just uploaded an oldfield cover Following the angels have a decko ?

John Katon
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just uploaded a cover version od Mike Oldfields Following The Angels rather xmassy !

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