I feel so happy to have music vibrating inside me, to accompany me on this journey through life and to share with others.

My life not only revolves around music, it's part of the fabric of my soul.

And while music is a huge part of my life, I feel it's also part of the mystery that IS life. The beat and the rhythm, the highs and lows, the sorrow and joy, are all part of this life experience.

Thank you, Lord, for music, to help us along life's journey. And thanks to all of you listening - hope you float with the vibrations and enjoy the ride!!!


Joe has been rockin' with his axe, voice and songwriting abilities since the 60's, and is now powering his band "Childkidd" using a blend of current rock with a vintage vibe. His 2012 album "Joe's House of Tunes" ranges from such charging tracks as "You're So kool" and "We've Got the Power" to the melodic "Hold My Love" and the bluesy "Fair Exchange".


Lost @ Sea
over 30 days ago to Joe Di Fabbio

Hello There,
I am Dennis A singer/songwriter from NY in the U.S. who is hoping to get some plays and feedback on my 25 years of music I am uploading called 'Lost @ Sea' with many, many songs that will be added throughout the next couple months that should be a great combo of style and subject matter with the array of many musicians I have worked with throughout the years. thank you for your time and I do hope that a song may reach your ears and straight to your heart. That is what it is all about :)

Yours Truly,
Dennis Clifton
Lost @ Sea

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Joe Di Fabbio
over 30 days ago

Sure, Dennis, I'd like to hear your songs, Joe D.

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Clean Clean

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