The Vandabelles

Like many bands before them, Sydney band The Vandabelles have seen some changes over the last few years... but the one constant has been lead singer/songwriter Jess Millo. As a fresh faced and passionate young singer, Jess formed a band in 2006. Over the next couple of years, the music evolved, there were the usual line-up changes, a new name, and over this time, a growing reportoire of original songs. The band finally found its musical feet as a two-piece with Jess and Kitch as The Vandabelles.
Kitch Membery brings his individual style on guitar & vocals to The Vandabelles, adding a vital element to their sound. In 2007, Jess and Kitch met while playing the on same gig and immediately connected musically. The pair fell into writing songs together naturally and effortlessly.
2012 brought the release of The Vandabelles long awaited debut album Outside Looking In. The album highlights the gentle angelic voice of Jess and features some backing vocals by multi award winning singer Wendy Matthews and Australian Idol winner Kate DeAraugo. With the bands' first single Never Touch The Ground already playing on Australian and UK radio, The Vandabelles are excited at the prospect of finally being able to share their music with the world and hope that the album will give them the opportunity to do it all over again.
"We have been lucky to play some great gigs over these few years, written many new songs, formed great friendships, had our ups and downs, but we've have had a hell of a lot of fun along the way and cannot wait to see what happens next".
As far as they are concerned, this is just the beginning for The Vandabelles.

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