My love for film/tv music prompted me to try my hand at soundtrack writing. I teach piano, violin, and viola, and my favorite composer is Beethoven.

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My third album, “I Still Think of You” is now out on all streaming platforms. It’s half soundtrack/piano style, half short commercial-style pieces. I also used recordings from my iPhone of true Nebraska storms (one with thunder, the other a nice rainstorm) underneath a couple pieces.

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Hi, Jeana. I'm very appreciative of your dropping by my page, listening to "Ride the Wave" and the stars. I feel encouraged when getting that vote of confidence from you. Thank you! John

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Hi John--You are quite welcome. I always look forward to listening to your latest creations! Nice work on this.

Hey Jeana thank you so much for the stars on "No Blue Song" I really appreciate your stopping by for a listen. All the best my friend. Scott

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Jeana Marie Potthoff
2 weeks ago

Hi Scott--you are quite welcome! Your tunes have a good sound/vibe, and have their own genre. :-). Thanks for the stars and listening to "Until We Meet Again". I appreciate the support!
Jeana P

2 weeks ago

You're so welcome Jeana "Until We Meet Again" is beautiful and haunting. You're piano work is masterful as it is beautiful. Scott

Jeana Marie Potthoff
2 weeks ago

Thanks Scott for your kind words. I appreciate it!

John Walradt
over 30 days ago to Jeana Marie Potthoff

Hi, Jeana. "Until We Meet Again" is beautifully sad, like after a departure and hoping to be together again, a wistful wintry kind of tune.

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