Welcome to JeanAngelMusic...home of Jim and Jean Kelley.
My name is Jim. Jean is my better half. Look at her pictures and you'll see what I mean. She's as pretty inside as out! We gave up bass fishing to do this together for the rest of our days.
Journey with us as we attempt to bring our music to life here.
See what our day jobs are at www.lawlersbarbecue.com, you may be surprised!
Perhaps a song will touch your heart and play in your mind forever. That is our wish.
Come back to see us. Without you no one hears the music...

Latest News

Jean has completed her first CD called "So Close To The Timber".
It was recorded at Daywind Studios in Nashville TN and Marty Funderburk produced it. There are some old gospel standards on it as well as three originals that Jim wrote. Go to Jean's website and listen...or better yet...order a CD! It would tickle us pink. To God be the glory!

Why we do what we do

The song says "I thought I was one of the best til I found out I was just one of the rest."
All my life I have HOPED I was one of the best, and now I am finally gonna find out. After all, that's what all us songwriters and singers want isn't it? Just to be validated. Just to be told we really do have talent. Just to be told one of our songs touched a heart, brought a tear, forced a laugh, or moved someone to action. That's why I do it.
Jean and I know we can't record worth a hoot in our little music room. We can barely operate the Clavinova much less the CD burner. And mixing tracks and creating arrangements is out of the question right now...as you no doubt can hear.
But...believing in our songs and ourselves is why we are all here isn't it? So we will simply keep trying until our try is gone. Just as my website says, every bird needs to sing...not just the best.
Jean and I want to encourage all of you to pursue your dreams through your music. We truly enjoy listening to the songs you put out there. Many of them simply blow us away. I turn up the speakers and holler for Jean to come and listen sometimes. Many songs leave me wishing I had written them. Your music also lets us know where we think we stand...and how far we have to go. It inspires us, and occasionally aggravates the crap out of us when we hear those fantastic productions and crisp professional vocals and radio ready arrangements. Sometimes we turn GREEN with that ole envy.
Anyway, thanks for listening and we welcome all your feedback.
In hope, against hope, Jean and I still believe.
God bless us all.

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over 30 days ago to Jim and Jean Kelley

Please add me God Bless your talent Songedge

Gord Lang
over 30 days ago to Jim and Jean Kelley

Great song - lyrics are profound. Love the tempo and rhyme scheme.

Warren Hein
over 30 days ago to Jim and Jean Kelley

thanx Jim and Jean for your review of "Second Chance", not exactly your run of the mill Country theme, but your words are right on IMO, and yeah, the key is for SOMEBODY to spend another 1K to RECORD IT! i'm done with 2 version's already, i'm a songwriter, not a sales dude,,,,but we hope, no?
the best to you and yours,
warren hein

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