I Need A Raise Records is an Indie Hip-Hop label from Madison Wisconsin. I.N.A.R. is comprised of two main groups, Lucha Libre and The Fall Guys. Lucha Libre consists of Emcees Envi-one, Mic Virus, and Emcee/producer The Ricanstructa. They are well known in the midwest for being one of the only Reggaeton/Hip-Hop groups in the region. The Fall Guys, who are Dj Pain 1, and MC Starr are know for their Hip-Hop Mixshow on 106.7 FM,Planet Jamz. Both groups are a mix of underground, tru school hip hop with a sound that has gained them radio play through out their region.

The Fall Guys

"Long-time friends MC Starr and DJ Pain 1 formed the group, "The Fall Guys," during their sophomore year in high school. Their music amounted to a demo cd and several tapes that have all since been lost. Nearly a decade later, they return, bearing their group's original name, prepared to make an impact in the hip-hop world."

"Conscious and hard-hitting lyrics, dynamic and complex beats and a live performance as intense as it is entertaining all define Madison Wisconsin's hip-hop act the "Fall Guys." Consisting of long-time friends DJ Pain 1 and MC Starr, the Fall Guys have been creating and performing their intriguing style of hip-hop for nearly a decade. Though they have released a number of albums separately, including MC Starr's "Going Critical" and titles from the "Grey Scare" collective, they are shifting their attention towards creating a cohesive, unique and moving group effort entitled "Work." The album stays true to their classic socio-political content and driven beats coated with a club-friendly sheen that appeals to hip-hop purists, activists and partiers alike. With this eclectic sound, the Fall Guys plan to build a diverse foundation of listeners both in their home town of Madison and on a much broader level. Creating hard hitting music that makes you think: That is the Fall Guys' mission."

Clean Clean

Clean Clean

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