Hugo, also known as Huge and recently christened with the tag, "The Huge Experience" by his wonderful devoted fans, has close to 40 years of musical experience.
He uses no recordings, synthesizers or anything electronic except for one of his many guitars, his Gold Les Paul, Casino Epiphone, Ovation acoustic, Takamine Classical yet is known as a one man band with nothing but his guitar and incredible vocals.. Hugo does the lead singing while Heidi helps with the vocals. He has accumulated a repertoire of hundreds of songs for his fans, from the 50's to the present in as many different musical styles including Country, Rock & Roll and even traditional Latin American favorites. He is currently still working on his own originals and will soon have his CD's available to his fans. He says he will let the music take him where it wants to, it's never let him down. Need a DJ? Visit Huge @


Heidi and Hugo, originally known as Premier II and recently christened with the tag, "The Experience" by their devoted fans, have over 40 years of combined musical experience between them. Hugo, originally born from Latin American roots in Guadalajara Mexico was raised in the Chicago area influenced by an eclectic mix of diverse musical sounds from the era of his favorites, The Beatles along with some of the most influential musicians of our time including Stevie Wonder, James Brown, The Temptations, Pink Floyd, an endless number of 60's and 70's super groups including his original heritage, the Tropical/Salsa/Latin American groups and singers like Lalo Rodriguez, Eddie Palmieri, El Gran Combo as well as the traditional Romantic "Mariachi" music that hails from his hometown of Guadalajara including the greatest of them, Javier Solis. From the age of 13, Hugo has been entertaining Chicago area audiences from Michigan Avenue night clubs to open venues like Soldier Field before moving to Wisconsin 22 years ago. After meeting up with an agent out of Milwaukee that took Hugo and his drummer brother Eddie on the road as The Hugo Brothers, they spent a number of years playing the nightclub scene when they landed a gig at The Ludlow Mansion in Monroe Wisconsin where he met his best friend and love of his life Heidi. At that point Hugo and his brother had just parted ways to pursue personal interests so Hugo asked Heidi to marry him. The only stipulation was that she immediately learns to play the drums or settle for a long distance relationship. Heidi, finding herself just recently entering her newly found career of cosmetology, digging back to the piano lessons she had taken during her early years after moving from the small village of Browntown to the town she was born in, Monroe Wisconsin, decided to quickly pick up her first pair of drumsticks ever and incredibly, just one week later, proceeded to join Hugo as a new duo, The Premier II. Heidi and Hugo proceeded to acquire their agent and spent the next few years touring up and down the Midwest. Tragedy struck as one day while home for the Holidays between gigs, Hugo received a call that his younger brother and ex-Hugo Brothers drummer Eddie, had been shot and sadly would not make it. After the death of his young brother and then less than a year later losing another of his younger brothers Oscar, to an auto accident the passion for the road and entertaining in general seemed to slip from their existence. God did not abandon them however as not too long after that, Heidi and Hugo were blessed with the miracle of life when their daughter Haylee was born. It renewed their passion and inspired them to again pursue their musical experiences as The Hugo and Heidi Experience. Now, for over the past 11 years the "Experience" has been entertaining audiences, making friends as they continue to share their musical passion in supper clubs, parties and dance rooms. Every note of their unique sound is LIVE, completely their own. They use no recordings, synthesizers or anything electronic except for Hugo's Gold Les Paul or his Casino Epiphone or lately his Line 6 guitar and Heidi’s strong backbeat on her Pearl Travel Drum Kit yet they sound like a 4 piece band with just their drums and guitar. Hugo does the lead singing while Heidi, after 20 years, still "a bit too shy" to sing on her own, helps with the vocals. They have accumulated a repertoire of hundreds of songs for their fans, from many of their favorite artists from the 50's to the present in as many different musical styles including Country, Rock & Roll and even traditional Latin American favorites. H&H are working on new originals but in the meantime, they offer some past studio recordings from years past that can be purchased or just listened to. Sign their guestbook and become a part of their Musical Family. They say they will let the music take them where it wants to, it’s never let them down.


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