If it wasn't for the screaming need to sing and travel the world, Mckinley would probably work as a traffic cop, lifeguard or walk dogs on the beach for a living.

Mckinley Black is a charismatic and stirringly dynamic female artist in the international acoustic music scene. She creates her own sound with influences from Rock, Blues, Soul and Country. This American singer-songwriter electrifies fans and music critics with her openness, her very impressive voice and dynamic talent on the guitar. She is a songwriter with an authenticity that inspires her audiences worldwide.

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Together with Germany's elite Singer/Songwriter Label, Stockfisch Records, Mckinley just released her highly anticipated CD "Beggars, Fools and Thieves" (release: March 2011). Reknowned acts such as Ian Melrose, Katharina Franck (Rainbirds) and Ralf Gustke (Söhne Mannheims, Xavier Naidoo) are musical guests on the production with the cover art and photos taken by Germany's Star Photographer Katja Kuhl..


Jerry J. Thomas
over 30 days ago to Mckinley Black

One of the most refreshing artist I have heard in a long,long time..I hope to one day have the honor of co-writing a song with this beautiful lady and wonderful artist..I am now a lifetime fan..

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