Dragonflies Dream in Sepia
The Debut album from KATATONIC due for release 03/24/06 Winter Music Conference week Miami Beach, FL
A Labor of Love in the works for 2 yrs is now a reality, The long awaited & highly anticipated breakout release from the frenetic mind of KATATONIC. The album is a musical journey that stretches your concepts of what you think Electronica is or should be. A mixture of Breakbeats, House, DnB, Jazz & Funk, these are rhythms that fuel your soul & drive your pulse to a fevered rush. KATATONIC composes music that is never static, never predictable, yet elemental in it's passion. ARE YOU KATATONIC...?
I AM...!

Katatonic composes Original works for Theatre, Film, Tv & You.

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I honestly try not to be similar to anyone else...but listen closely & I am sure you can find some similarities, to someone...
I believe my style is my own ...My music ranges from advant-garde experimental...to Breakbeats...to DnB.....to Tribal House...to Cinematic...& always tinged with a jazz/funk vibe....never conforming to any preconcieved concept of what music should or should not be...
Peace, Love & Music


My Influences are as varied as I am, I grew up listening to lots of Jazz & Big Band music....Showtunes.....early Rock & Roll....as I developed my own tastes they ran from Samual Barber To Dr Dre..
Hybrid to George Clinton... Underworld to Count Basie...


Having been in the business of Music for over 20 yrs in many different capacities, I feel I have a unique perspective on how things should work...My Music, My Way.. I started life as a Club DJ/Sound Engineer, moved to the Studio, moved to Theatre & Video, in between I have toured a little and managed a little. Now I am Composing/Producing music for Theatre, Film, Tv & You (& Me). My Music My Way....


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