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It all started when...

One of my earliest memories is sitting down on the couch beside my mother's old Victrola record player and pressing my ear to the side of it, amplifying the sweet sounds that magically emanated from this marvelous machine. You know, the kind that would stack a bunch of records on the spindle, dropping to the platter one at a time. I could sit there for hours taking in Tchaikovsky, Liszt, Rachmaninoff, or maybe the 5th Dimension, Sinatra or Streisand. Music was mesmerizing and I just couldn't get enough.

I took up piano in the 3rd grade, and despite a paralyzing case of stage fright at my first recital, I declared that I would one day be a concert pianist. The flute soon followed, and though I enjoyed learning music, I had to be nagged to practice. Frankly, I was not much of a performer, and visions of ever becoming a musical virtuoso quickly faded. I still played, but preferred to do so in private.

Then I discovered something wonderful - 45rpm records! My sister and I spent many allowances after browsing through records at the five and dime. We'd play each song over and over again, memorizing every word, every note. Buying records was an addiction that often left me penniless as a child, and many times more as an adult when I began to DJ for nightclubs, a career that was very good to me for more than a decade. There is just something about vinyl recordings: the warmth of the audio, the way it feels on your fingertips, the smell the first time you take it out of the sleeve... indeed, I am a vinyl junkie!

Though I will never get over the thrill of discovering music that resonates with me, I have grown restless, wanting more. Realizing my own need to create, I am just tapping into what is inside of me. Love it or hate it, what you will find here is ever changing, evolving, a work in progress... just like me.


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