The Fall of Radio was formed in 2007 with the idea of bringing back what was great about music in the past, yet still pushing forward. The duo has known each other since grade school, and are interested in tackling many of the sub genres within Rock and Pop music.
They are an ever growing presence in the new music scene. There live shows although few to date have border lined on something almost religious.
Amongst the smoky clearing of feedback and nerves one thing is certain,
The radios are falling.

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16 #2 Indi/lowfi

Charms #7 Alternative

Little Summer #2 Indi/lowfi

Rogue#3 Indi/lowfi

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The Long Road

Mississauga Rock duo The Fall of Radio Chris Martin and Lee Hickey formed in 2006 with the idea of simply making good songs, and not being confined to any one style of rock. In one show they can go from sounding like Yeah Yeah Yeahs to U2. The Beatles to The Stooges. Both grew up together in Mississauga, Canada. Inspired by their 7th grade teacher to play guitar. They both write, record and produce their own material in their home studio Strawberry Studios.


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Clean Clean

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