The old meets the new.

Donaldo's brand of pop/rock tunage and neo classical/electronica noodlings can be heard sprinkled liberally over the web, having penned songs for such artists as jazz vocalist Changamire, producer Jon Solo, folk singer Frank Cotolo, rockers TOAST, cyber band DFJ (with Fred Wheeler of StrangeCloud and Jimmy Stewart),as underscoring on SNL, corporate presentations, and most recently the teaser trailer and contributing to the overall score of Alfred Thomas Catalfo's acclaimed indie short film "The Norman Rockwell Code".

Hell, even the town of Milton, NH has Donaldo's Miltonian Nation Anthem looped in under their official town website! An honor indeed.

The Bottles are his basement band with daughter Shoanie, Jim Spilios, and Chris DuBois.

The Nadz are the musical Frankenstien-like creation of Don and co conspiritor Jim.

Thanks for visiting. I hope you hear something you like. Remember, it's just music. It doesn't have to change your life.


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