Reality is a hard workin Emcee/Rapper from the South Side of Chicao with his own story to tell. So pull up a chair and relax, this could take awhile!!!

About "Reality"

Curtis Terry AKA "REALITY" ( BMI ), Is a well known, Straight foward emcee who was born & raised on the southside of Chicago (Roseland). Like other emcee"s from the GO, Reality is truly something special, with a goal of supplying the game we know and love as Hip Hop, with something to look foward to in the future.While some are only looking for a quick come up, reality(on the other hand) is trying to save the music, the same music that most of you reading this bio rite now, grew up on and begin to love. As a race our love, sweat, tears, our culture. Music that ten years from now, will be considered classical like music from the late great Tupac Shukar, Biggie Smalls, Easy E, NWA, and the list goes on and on."Reality" started spitting rhymes 5yrs years ago in 04, but have been writing 4 awhile now. When he first began to write songs which was about 7 years ago, he use to carry a notebook with him everywhere he went and before that it didn't matter, he would write on enything he could get his hands on. There was times when he ran out of paper sitting on the back of CTA"s, and found himself writin on transfer cards, napkins, and enything else he could find on the floor, just so he could write it down. Even when times was hard for him, looking for a studio he could trust to record his music and at the same time get a reasonable price,he found himself among HATTERS!!!! people who said they would look out for him but, after hearing him flow, quickly changed they mindz and begin to charge him more, way more than they charged enyone else all because of fear that he would quickly get noticed and then turn his back on them. So because of that,"REALITY" lost interest in rap but never stop writing songs. After awhile, he along with family, started UndaRated. Not long after that, he came across a producer by the name of "Hella Wang" from the (southside confederates) who then introduced him to "Stujo"(Studio B records/southside confederates), and it's been on ever since!!! According to "REALITY" he said that("I always knew that i was destined for greatness. I realized as a youth that i had many talents but didn't know which of them would take me to that level of success, on that road to greatness!!! i mean, i woke up one day and hip hop was handed to me!!!") NOW "REALITY", after all the critics and haters has did what they do, has finished and released his debute album "Through Da Eyez Of Reality" (2006) and has sold ova 500 unitz in the first month of it's release. A album filled with realistic music and future classics and the hafe havn't been told as of yet. Being given the well deserved title(Prince Of The City) because his royal flow and lyrics, your highness "REALITY" has only just begun. Everyone who has the debute album has falling in love with hip hop all over again. All the haters say (he tight), all the one ones who hate today's hip hop said (your music is the only rap i will listen to) And everyone else who recognize real music say that(fammo, you the truth). Now (2008) Reality and the Undarated Family has linked up with one of CHICAGO'S most talented artist and the Supa-dupa producer, Gemo (Kold Phyre Records Inc.) And plan to put the CHI back on the map like it's a forgotten Ocean or Sea...... "Reality" is truly whats happening in today's music and if you don't own a copy of the 2006 album, then you are cheating yourself. Because he is next artist to blow from the_CHI_ . He is "REALITY" a true blessing to the Hip Hop world so don't sleep on him!!!


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