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Money House Entertainment is a music company owned by Anthony Cainion and Jamaal Taylor, formed on the 15th of July 2006. We are located out of
Donalsonville, Georgia, which is a farely small town. Jamaal and Anthony have been close friends since 1990, that was the first time that they met. Both
of these guys have some strong ambition to be 22 years of age. Anthony who is a member of the US Army and Jamaal Taylor who is the Supply Specialist
at the Donalsonville Hospitals both provides something for their community. These two guys have been making music since 1998, causing both of them to
fail their spanish class in High School. They have went by several names in the past and in 2001 they met up with a friend from Bainbridge, Ga name Kenneth "LT" Jenkins.
He was another local guy that was doing music, but had all of his priorities in the right place. So, in 2002 both of them was featured on one of LTs' artists album. It was a great break for them.
But after spending six months with him and nothing happening, they kind of moved on, it was a mutual thing. Not only to start up their own label, but it was never really a label.
Jamaal and Anthony has been releasing songs after songs after songs, never to be really taken seriously.

Once 2006 rolled around, Anthony and Jamaal scrapped up enough money to get their DBA for their label published also they got an account with BMI, seen as if everything has fell
into place. Money House Entertainment is what they call it and they say it is a southern movement. Anthony also owns a publishing company called "Anthon Cainion Music" which is of
course signed to Money House Entertainment. We are now trying to get a distribution deal through Independent Records. Seems as if everything is going good once again, no there is a setback,
we both are going to have to spend a whole lot more money for the manufacturing of the CDs. They are also trying to get the website and other publications up as we speak.
Anthony and Jamaal also are searching for a manager that can help to guide them in the right direction.

Money House has a huge fan base of about 3,000 fans locally. They are trying to expand by using the internet as one of their marketing tools. If you visit " or"
then you are able to read more about what they have going on and the shows that they will be peforming, maybe one day they will be in your town.


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