**The Heart Beat Files**
Canada,Victoria.B.C. A small group of every day people with an inner desire to create a healthy personal world for them self,s and others Through creative expression and connection,The catalog of songs and videos here is a result of swapping skills to enhance the creative expression,of each other (and No we do not know the girl in the green bikini it,s just a clip we bought on line,its incrediable the tools and resorces out there which can and will spark the creative process into motion,, So Please have a listen and a look---Thanks for the vist--May your day be Good--(The Heart Beat Files)

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(State of Grace) will be coming soon

The Heart Beat Files

Location Victoria BC
A group of every day people getting together combining there skills to see what happens For now the people in this project are singer songwriter Dom Graham , Songwriter, artist Les Hunt and Eric Elie Lead singer writer of Billy,s Break Down ,, some work also done online By Nigelcuffmusic.com UK

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Clean Clean

Clean Clean

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