Michael R. J. Roth

Michael R. J. Roth

Songwriter Michael R. J. Roth is a winner of American Songwriter's lyric contest, three-time lyric winner of the The Great American Song Contest, and lyric winner of the 2019 Nashville Songwriters Association song contest, the 2018 Mid-Atlantic Song Contest, and the 2018 and 2019 Dallas Songwriters Association contests. He is featured in the Great American Song Contest Hall of Fame, and is known for his award-winning, original acoustic songs with "the kind of lyrics that make Nashville writers salivate." Roth as been called "a cool dark troubadour" and "an amazing writer," evoking a mix of Leonard Cohen, Gordon Lightfoot, Johnny Cash, Paul Simon and others with lyrics known for their intriguing imagery and "deep, profound truth." NSAI named him "One to Watch." Lori McKenna called him "brilliant."

Sounds Like: Gordon Lightfoot, Leonard Cohen

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American Songwriter Winner

"Love Washes Off" by Michael R. J. Roth was the winner of American Songwriter's March/April 2024 lyric contest.  Judge Paul McDonald said, "This song felt like I was reading something out of an old poetry book. It stood out over any of the other finalists. A lot of times lyrics with this kind of depth and phrasing will float over people’s heads in a world full of fast food songwriting, but I’m a sucker for deep thinking, poetic, and colorful words.”


You can listen to the song with music written by Eric Ramsey here: easyheroes.com - Love Washes Off 



J Nelson K
over 30 days ago to Michael R. J. Roth

Michael R. J., "Hearts Wide Open" Indeed! ... Loved It ... Congrats On All Of Your Songwriting / Contest Successes ... Best Wishes For Wherever Faith, Life & The Music May Lead You ... J Nelson K

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Michael R. J. Roth
over 30 days ago

Thanks so much for your comment. It means a lot to know that a song can reach someone. All the best!

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