French Composer & Producer, Tempo Del Sol alias Olivier Massoni lives in Ajaccio, Corsica.
Specialised in Lounge, World music & Electro-Jazz.


Musician since 1992, producer since 1998, olivier Massoni always lived in Ajaccio in the south of Corsica.
He has already produced three albums starting from 1998 .
He started to play music at the age of fifteen, playing keyboards in numerous bands.A few years later, he started working as a professional musician and sound designer, collaborating with the international known corsican band "I Muvrini".
From 1998, he produce and compose for his band Giramondu, the first step between corsican music and electro-pop.

Multi-instrumentist and sound engineer, his production is mainly influenced by mediterranean's roots, jazz and electronic music, and shows an amazing diversity of styles .

Tempo Del Sol 's tracks belong to a greater musical universe, that of the mediterranean sea. Olivier Massoni has created a saling ship, and in its hold it carries spices and teasures from countless mediterranean ports of call.

African mandores, Arabic guitars, Turkish lutes, kalimba and Balafon... The band has incorporated a seamless blend of mediterranean infuences in the creation of their songs, with a sophisticated electronic music sound.

For Tempo Del Sol, it is not their home and their culture, but also the focus of an exciting new adventure that is now taking place due to incrasingly popular cultural exchanges.


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