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Houston-based Christian band blends rock, funk and jazz together, delivering powerhouse jams that invite people to get on their feet and unify in order to spread positive vibes and give glory to God. Guided by composer, arranger and trombonist Travis Tuer, the energy-infused group consists of Amanda Waites (vocals), David McKenery (keys), Conrad Guthrie (bass guitar), Bruce Fox (guitar), Joe Beam (drums), Ray Gonzalez (saxes) and Stephen Kloesel (trumpet). With many years of formal musical training and professional ensemble experience, members show their enthusiasm for the lush vocal melodies and harmonies of Gospel/soul and Christian praise music, using horns, gutsy vocals and vivid lyrics to pack a punch and put a fresh spin on Christian music. TUER's big sound furthers their mission to spread comforting messages about God's awesome power, letting others know they can face challenges together through faith and emerge as victors.

The seeds for TUER were planted by its leader, Travis, who felt the pull of music early on as he studied piano while developing a love of the Lord and worship songs through his church. Growing up in a music-rich home, he reveled in classical, jazz, funk, soul and rock by Ray Charles, Chicago, Ludwig Van Beethoven, Harry Connick, Jr., Prince, Billy Joel, Robert Johnson and others. He soaked up artistic diversity and came to believe in the raw power of music to communicate what was in his heart as he started to write songs based on spiritual teachings and his own lingering, persistent emotions. Encouragement from a friend led him to share his recordings with others, and, inspired by the sounds of his youth, he decided to bring the sound of old school rock/funk bands into the Christian genre. Over time, he gathered up musically- and spiritually-seasoned band members who shared his vision and believed in music as an inspiring gift from God. By 2014, TUER was a reality.

Now, TUER has evolved into a multi-faceted super group that celebrates diverse musical influences and allows members to further serve their Christian community through song. Its full-length debut, Journey Back was released in November 2015 and tells the story of a man lost and now found, traveling through pain and healing in order to find salvation. While it deals with themes of faith, forgiveness and living for the Lord, it goes far beyond a typical praise or worship album. As the band explains, "It is a groovin', soul stirring, contemplative train ride!"

TUER is currently working on fresh songs and scheduling shows in the Houston area. Journey Back is available now.

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