Launched my second career (or is it my fifth?) when I moved to Kona. I try to spend parts of every day writing and composing. That can be a hard thing to do with all the other draws of Hawaii. But I love it. My songwriting is fueled by unbridled optimism, naivete, and the belief my best work is still in front of me. I always look forward to feedback and exchanges with fellow members and maybe even a collaboration opportunity. Aloha!


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Hi Harry...hope all is well. Following a hiatus from Kona...looking to re-locate next year or so. Send me an email at

Hi Harrison. You gave us a GREAT review of our tune "Everything". Kind of hope you might enjoy the video link too. Thanks Cairo Fred

A fun, Steely Dan-style ride into a world of thoroughly original images and metaphors. Every time a cliche was approached, it got flipped on its head. Totally unpredictable and I loved it.
- Harrison Wong - Songwriter 1

" Stand " is a great song!!!! All the best!... Blessings.. Julia

Clean Clean

Clean Clean

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