Groove Fondue is a cross-genre songwriting/production team working out of Halifax, Nova Scotia comprised primarily of Don Dupuis and Mark Chatham.

Following the Steely Dan model, the focus is entirely on writing and recording high quality music. While bringing in some of the finest musicians to fulfill a variety of roles, the bulk of the guitar work is tracked by Mark and Don. Scott Ferguson (drums) and John Chiasson (bass) have been the "go to" rhythm battery over the years and always add depth, groove and focus to any composition with their top caliber of playing and command of their instuments. Other instrumentalists/vocalists are used when appropriate for the songs and we try to get the best for the job. We are currently producing both full length songs with vocals as well as instrumental cues in a variety of styles.
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Bill Dake
4 days ago to Groove Fondue

Hi guys,
Thanks for the listen and 5's for "Space In Between". Appreciate the support.
Bill a.k.a MrBill

Delta Burnett Reed
over 30 days ago to Groove Fondue

Thank You so much for 5* on "Lenten Meditation" my producer made a solo for me out of 4 part choir piece.. love NS...
In music Delta 🎶🎶

Bill Dake
over 30 days ago to Groove Fondue

Appreciate the 5's for "Speed of Life". One of those tunes that just fell in place fully formed. Doesn't happen much...

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Groove Fondue
over 30 days ago

Very nice tune Bill, tremendous songwriting.


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