I'm in Lubbock, TX., writing and recording. Enjoy.

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Shares of my Lovelife (ticker LVLF) were down today with a high volume of selling amidst rumors of corporate spying while shares of my girlfriend's (ticker ENMY) lovelife were up on news of a stocking split. In related news, shares of Same Old Shit (ticker SOS) remained unchanged. The Ex-Wife Corp (XWMN) shares continued climbing higher anticipating favorable reviews of it's new product "Bitchcraft" hitting the shelves in early '07. A LVLF spokesperson hinted merger with XXX & Co. is likely.

CRISCO- Cross Country Disco

Gringo Stopsign & The 4eugo (4-way Go) is the creation of Cole Hazy, another Lubbock, TX. enigma, that has a lot to say his own way. He co-writes much of the music with a West Texas vaquero known for his quickdraw, silver bullets, and a parachute that shoots out of his guitar to help him slow down after a DragRace, 2 fast 2 hear.
Cole Hazy is a modern day cowboy poet Medicine Man.. He is a self-effacing, misogynist, a nomad no mad at no one. His songs suggest unbridled arrogance, secure with being insecure.
On horseback, they drove the cattle North and rode back in the blazing sun with 2 saloon whores in the cockpit of a 64 Super Hawk .
Enjoy the rebirth of Cool. Texas Cross-Country Disco Folk Rock. Catch a live show and you'll be tattoing a green octagonal sign that says GO onto your tongue. Cole Hazy is a silver-wordsmith and JP Cravens is a guitar bandit. This is a project that works with songs said to be crafted TongueInGroove.


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