I'm a guy who loves contemporary country music and loves to write songs for that genre.

While thankfully, I don't need to depend on my song writing to live, my desire is to achieve getting one (or more) of my songs "cut" by major artists. But, if not... then just to write for the simple pleasure of expressing my thoughts, sounds, ideas and feelings in song.

Greg Wright's - Brief Background

To start with, I'm a happily married man with 2 grown boys, a wonderful dog and a loving wife who is an award winning fiber artist. I've been singing ever since I was 7. In my teens and 20's I sang in various vocal quartets and spent several years on the road with my brother with "pop/rock" act The Wright Brothers. We wrote songs together, and had five musicians that backed us up. We performed around the country doing showrooms at hotels and various show rooms. Leaving show business, my second career took me into the corporate real estate profession in Chicago, which has provided me a good living. I am a significant fan of country music and a few years ago something rekindled my passion for song writing. I joined NSAI (Nashville Song Writers Assn. Intn'l) took up the guitar, and while certainly not a virtuoso, I am able put music to the songs I write. I recently had several songs demo'd in Nashville ("When Horses Were Broomsticks" - demo vocals by Tim Hopkins; "Hat Don't Make You A Cowboy" - demo vocals by Trent Jeffcoat; and "What I Just Undone" - demo vocals by Jeremy Easley). I will be adding new songs in the future, so please check back, and please feel free to leave me a comment as to whether you like them (or not). Thanks for visiting my site.

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