I am a songwriter with a folk/country approach - using acoustic guitar and vocal.

I used to be in college rock band for a number of years, but I now pursue music on my own terms and wish only to promote my songs.

This is all about the songs, not me as a performer.


Lori Jennerjohn
over 30 days ago to Gerard Cheshire

Thank you Gerard! I appreciate your time and review about my song "The Seed" I look forward to listening to yours as time will allow. Right now my player is having problems opening songs and hope to fix the problem? Sincerely Thank you and goodluck in you Journer! Lori :)

over 30 days ago to Gerard Cheshire

appreciate the review of "cowboy on rodeo drive"..yes some of the lyrics are corny but i wrote it to be an ironic parody..kinda like ray stevens or randy newmans "short people" ..i'm gonna check out yours songs now.thanks!

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Gerard Cheshire
over 30 days ago

Ah - a comic vibe - I dig. Perhaps it would work better if you sang it in a way that made your intent more obvious. You know - a slight delay on corny rhymes. Kindest, Gerard.

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