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I was born in Naples, Italy.
By the age of ten I was already singing and playing both guitar and piano. By fourteen I was writing my own songs, and by sixsteen I was performing for sold out crowds .
My life has been all about living and breathing music. I have played hundreds of live
show across the world,and produced, wrote, and collaborated with a number of international artists including :
Daniel Rene, Zenvox, Kristy Frank, The Flask , Brent Burnow,
Belen Thomas,Sal Da Vinci,Nuova Compagnia di Canto Popolare, Shery
many others.
Prior to leaving Italy, my band was included in the Italian Rock Encyclopedia and
I won several music contests across the country including an MTV rock festival.
My catalogue is very extensive and includes songs written in English, Italian, and Spanish.
I currently co-write with multi-platinum songwriter Michael Jay
(Celin Dion,Eminem, Kyle Minogue,Martika..) and have written songs with
Shannon Curfman, Courtney Marlin, Malin Akerman, and many others.
In 2006 Sony/BMG artist Kristy Frank ( released
an album which includes my song “ Freedom,” and in May Daniel Rene will release his second album which includes 6 songs that I wrote and produced.
It’s been recently released the debut album for Latin artist Zenvox.
Additionally, The Petalstones recently released their premiere album which
I wrote, produced, and performed guitars and male lead vocal .

I am currently working with the legendary Eddie Kramer(Hendrix, Led Zeppelin,The Rolling Stones,Sting,The Beatles) and with fellow artist Jimmy Waldo (Steve Vai,Alcatraz,Yngwie Malmsteen).


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