I write in many different styles, depending on my what is going on in my life, and what inspires me. I write music for film,TV, and commercials as well as rock-n-roll and singer/songwriter types of things. I am constantly exploring and trying new musical opportunities.


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Douglas Amell
over 30 days ago to Roy Hughes

Hi Roy.
"Paid In Full" is just so so so SO good! Please keep it up. It's so hard for me to find music I actually LOVE - I'm too picky. But you have a real gift.

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Roy Hughes
over 30 days ago

Thanks for your kind words, Doug! Glad you like the piece. It was one of those pieces that just came through me from the ether or somewhere else...

Marian Budos
over 30 days ago to Roy Hughes


You write beautiful music!



Randy Calligan
over 30 days ago to Roy Hughes

Hi Roy ... I really like your material... we have a lot in common in terms of taste. If you ever decide to collaborate with someone give me a ring randy.calligan@gmail.com

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