I was the lead guitarist of my band EASE. I have been playing the guitar and other instruments for most of my life. Please take the time to listen to my music, it would be very much appreciated. The tracks that I have included are as follows:

A Knight's Soul: A very sad piano piece written in 2003 and it is quite similar to Enya. EASE also do a version of this track with Amy Mackinnon on the lead vocals and on the EASE site there is also a video for this track by my sister's Deborah and Rebecca McCall.

Lost: This is my angry track originally written in 1997 but I was never really happy with it till I rerecorded it back in July 2009. On this track features Hugh Higgins on rhythm guitar. All other instruments were performed by me.

Up & Down: Another track from 1997. I really want bagpipes on this track along with the electric guitar but I had to make do with what I had.

Please check my myspace site (www.myspace.com/eriksown).

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More tracks to be released on iTunes shortly.

Erik McCall

I am the lead guitarist of EASE but this is my own solo project which is very different.


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