Emily Bendock first well crafted release "Under Pressure" is a song many young adolescent people will be able to
identify with. The lyrics express all the pressures one young adolescent might experience at school, within sports and with
friendships. Emily co-wrote the song and developed the melody that offers a very catchy piano hook arrangement.
"Down On The Boulevard" was Emily's second release about all the fun you can experience in Los Angeles on its different boulevards.
Get ready to hit your heels to the pavement with Emily's new release "After Dark We Party". Emily created a fun, energetic dance song with this melody.

Sounds Like: Selena Gomez

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So excited to have my new song released "Summer Love"
An EDM song with a hint of pop to it. Has a catchy hook that keeps you guessing until the end.


Emily is an up and coming emerging Indie artist who began singing at the very young age of thirteen.
She digitally released her first song, "Under Pressure" a song based off of ones experience
and views as a young teenager.
Many young adolescents can relate to "Under Pressure" since Emily reflected on the daily pressures
and expectations one faces each day of their lives as a young adolescent.

Emily went on release two more songs, "Down On The Boulevard" and "After Dark We Party" within
the two year time frame. In 2013 she became a semi-finalist in the "Unsigned Only Music
Competition" in the Teen category of Pop for "Down On The Boulevard"
Emily decided to take four year break off to focus on her maturing vocals and continued writing more songs from life experiences.

Thus came about her newest track title "Summer Love". Based off of a young gentleman she met
while vacationing in the Summer sun. Emily developed the melody to this track giving it an electro pop
sound to it.
"Summer Love" is an EDM, down tempo tropical house song. The song sounds vibrant and gives out an overall good vibe. The hook is very catchy and keeps things interesting until the end.
Emily vocals have greatly matured over the last four years with a distinct depth and you can hear it in this unique sounding song "Summer Love".
Emily worked with Grammy nominated mixer Brent Kolatalo from New York city to produce this song.
"Summer Love" speaks of the volume of her talent and ability to project her voice to an audience that is
looking to hear more.

Emily is currently attending college in the Philadelphia area and continues to write new music and looks forward to her next release.


Emily Bendock
over 30 days ago to Emily Bendock

What a way to kick off a very hot summer in NJ with a preview of my new song "After Dark We Party". You will want to hit your "Heels to the Pavement" with this fast paced, upbeat dance song.

The LovePops
over 30 days ago to Emily Bendock

Emily. Great Job On Boulevard! You are on your way to the Top! - N

over 30 days ago to Emily Bendock

Emily ... this one reminds me os a similar experience I had in the 8th grade with my history teacher (ancient history). You did a good job capturing the emotion of the experience!! I have several songs on my play list that were co-written with my 13 and 14 year old grandaughters. "Fragile Girl", Here I Come", "Your Love" , Miracle Man" and "ASK" .... Give them a listen when you have time. Keep up the good work!!!

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Emily Bendock
over 30 days ago

Thank you so much for your kind comment. So nice to see your granddaughters are writing too. I will definitely give them a listen when I get through my loads of homework.

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