Elu is the brainchild of award winning independent recording artist, composer and Recording Academy member Jeffrey Mettling.

Recent work includes Elu's award winning "Beautiful Things" release. Best Musical Production, Pop, electronic, new age and adult contemporary catagories by the NMMIA, Honerable Mention Billboard Magazine, Best of 2008 Mystic Soundscapes Radio. Past releases:Sensuality 2002, December, Songs of Devotion, and Love. His work appears in media libraries across the US.

Jeff is currently composing for film and completing a new Elu album to be released in the next couple of years as well as a musical project with fellow musician and composer Don Shearer. Live performance to follow.

Latest News

Elu's past and present releases are available on iTunes as well as most other on-line music sites.


Jeff composes a unique blend of Progressive Electronic, Adult Alternative and Pop music created by synthesizers and live instruments. Based in Albuquerque, New Mexico, Jeff is a multi award winning recording artist with nominations for "best musical production" as recognized by the New Mexico Music Industry Association "NMMIA" and "Just Plain Folks" Music Awards, and Billboard Magazine. He is a voting member of the Recording Academy as well as a member of BMI.

Awards and recognition:

Best of 2007 - Mystic Soundscapes Radio

Honorable Mention - 2007 Billboard Magazine world music competition. Top 500 Entries worldwide for the song "Lose Control" off of the Beautiful Things Album.

Featured artist - Mystic Soundscapes Radio - USA. - 2006
Featured artist - Mystic Soundscapes Radio - USA - 2007
Featured artist - Radio Gets Wild Radio - UK - 2007
Featured artist - Radio Gets Wild Top 20 Compilation CD - featuring "Walking Through Time" from the Beautiful Things album. 2007.
Featured artist - Quantum Disc Records/Promotions - Beautiful Things album. 2007
"Best Musical Production for 2006 by the NMMIA for a new song "In the Wake of Desire" from the Beautiful Things album 2007.
Elu's "Songs of Devotion" release was up for consideration in the 2007 Grammy's.
Regular Rotation - Blu 102, Santa Fe, NM.
Featured artist - November/December 2005 issue of Hyper Active Music Magazine.
Featured artist - September issue of GO Magazine. 2005.
Nominated for "Best Album of the Year 2004" for electronica by the Just Plain Folks Awards, sponsored by Virgin Records, TAXI and CD Baby. Ã?lu took third place for their Sensuality 2002 release.
"Best Musical Production for 2004 by the NMMIA, New Mexico Music Industry Coalition for "Stay" from the "Songs of Devotion" release in 2005.
Featured Artist - Red Eye Express, radio program in Ft Lauderdale, FL. 2004.
Editor's Choice on CNET's Download.com 2005/2006
Top 20 artist, New Age Voice - "Dreams of a New Age" 88.1 FM, WMBR in Boston, MA - 2001
Top 20 artist - New Age Voice -"Deep Space", Stargate radio program in Italy. - 2001
Featured Artist - Visions Magazine.
Featured Artist - Kuelle Magazine.
The "LOVE" release reached the top 40 on MP3.com and 1 on "IUMA". 2000.

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