I compose music based on pure inspiration. I allow the music to flow though me as I improvise on an instrument, or with a new sound. I have a huge craving to try things that I haven't done. right now I'm guided to ethnic sounding New Age, and experimenting with electronica.

Best to all of you
El Flowious

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Lovin this sight. Just getting started, getting to know broadjam. Peace to all of you.

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El Flowious had a childhood dream. It went like this-- mom would drive down our street in Akron, Ohio. She would be all smiles and waves as neighbors walk onto their lawn to catch sight of him, the four-foot tall spectacle perched on the car roof. He would stamp his foot to the beat and rip on his guitar. Music would flow steadily from his soul to the strings and people would applaud from the street below him.
Eventually he outgrew this boyish fantasy and traded the car-roof stage for something practical, an electronic studio. He received vigorous enthusiasm for his composition in Poetic Kill, a Kent State University film that won a 1st place Mertl award. He has written lyrics for The Woman in the Room and supplied music for a GoDaddy.com commercial contest. His most interesting endeavor was to create a musical rendition of California's prop 8 debate in a podcast for Left Hook, Right Jab. His willingness to tackle the most absurd projects demonstrates an ability to make music of anything.
El Flowious now lives in Eugene, Oregon, where the perfect balance of city and nature fuels the inner-peace that emerges in his music. His best pieces not only please the ear, they awaken the senses and stir emotions. It's not just good music, it is transformative. He is gearing up to release new music that will bring him closer to becoming one of the most sought after composers for cinema and new-age media. Electronica, Ambient, Chill, World Fusion, Rock, Metal, Groove Funk, and Progressive are his focus, but there is no style he will not explore. His mantra is, it's all music and it's all beautiful.
by Jessica Jorgensen


Eric Hance
over 30 days ago to El FLowious

I just jammed out to reality grooves. Awesome track I really do like it! Good work.

over 30 days ago to El FLowious

Thanks for the review.

over 30 days ago to El FLowious

Hello, thanks for your review of my song Kani Kani Wairua. this song won in the past broadjam's world music contest and has been semifinalist in other international contests. I listen to your "Reason" and like it, with prog rock influences, my favourite type of music. keep going and luck and thanks again.

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El FLowious
over 30 days ago

Hi Ricardo. I really do like Kani Kani Wairua. I've heard a few of your things in the past, I really like your music. Thanx for the comment for A Question of Reason. I'm a fan of Prog Rock myself. Best
To you.

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