Dropjoy is what happens when you take super solid songs and explode them into a club of worshiping fans. Nicole Walker is the unique voice that flies through the colors of her screaming guitars. E train is the raucous bottom end that sails the ship into a stage of dynamite beats that are pumped frenetically by the incomparable Mr. Andrew Light.

The end result? Blood sweat and tears and a stunned silence after the show. This band plays every gig like it's their last.

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Dropjoy had a sensational 2008. We played the Whiskey A Go Go and The Mint and our fan base is growing slowly but surely. We are excited to rock 2009 with a new album.

The Dropjoy Story

Touring Experience:
05/06 : Southern California (San Diego, Los Angeles)
07 : Northwest (Seattle, Portland, Oak Harbor)

The Dropjoy trio consists of 3 very diverse human beings with a single passion for the creation of real music. The band is known for captivating their audiences from the first high energy rock-n-roll blast to the last dying strums touching lonely hearts.

Dropjoy officially formed in the summer of 2004 when the long time duo of singer/songwriter and guitarist Nicki Walker and drummer Andy Light teamed up with bass player Etienne de Bruin in San Diego, CA. The explosion of love and chemistry between these three was prevalent from day one and the band promptly decided to rework all Nicki's material and stage an assault on the San Diego local music scene.

The band played shows from the buzz of San Diego's downtown Gaslamp quarter and the sunny festivals of Southern California, to the hip scenes of Hollywood and Los Angeles. At the heart of Dropjoy's music lies the authenticity of Nicki's songs which speak of a life of triumph over turmoil, a life of losing loved ones and gaining friends who become like family.

Nicki was born and raised in New York. She began playing and writing music at the tender age of seven and has been playing ever since. A combination of thought provoking lyrics, whiskey soft vocals and driving guitar rhythms, makes her is a force to be reckoned with. Live shows are uncompromising and always electrifying.

Andy Light, formerly of Lightning Loyd, has musical influences ranging from Van Halen to Art Blakey and the Jazz messengers. Andy was born in San Bernadino, CA. Born with congenial heart disease, his drums and music took the place of many every day tasks that most people would take for granted. Watching Andy play, one can't help but think that his last beat will precede his last breath by only a couple seconds.

Etienne de Bruin could pass for a crazy South African but would prefer to be the quiet bass player that stands in the corner, shuts up and provides that melodic bottom end to the soothing tones of a song shattering all silence. Hardly the typical San Diegan, he is often ridiculed for his Euro Trash choice of music, clothing, food and politics - all this when he is in fact from a tiny country on the Southern tip of Africa. His bass is his first love and they have been together for over 10 years - a match made in heaven.

Dropjoy has just completed their first album called "Situational Ethics" due out in fall 2005 with a string of dates lined up to promote the album around Southern California. For more information call (619) 624 9504.

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