To share a little about myself with you, I will start out by saying that, I never meet a stranger. Every person I meet is a brother or sister. I work hard at trying to accomplish goals that I have to make this world a better place before I leave it. I treat as many folks with kindness as I possibly can. I am a God loving person that has a real soft spot in my heart for children and the elderly. I love to play my music for all ages, races, & creeds. I am not partial to any of the aforementioned, I love and treat all the same, with kindness! If you dig my tuneage, then purchase yourself some downloads and or a CD. Always remember, I'm not after your money, I just want a place in your heart. Money is an easy thing to come by compared to trust and friendship, right. Also remember this, ok - Mistabluesman is diggin' ya' baby! Thank You, Doc "Mistabluesman" Quinn

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over 30 days ago to Doc Quinn

that's a good shuffle baby!

Bob Nesom
over 30 days ago to Doc Quinn

Hi Doc. So Damn Blue remains a favorite of mine. I just played it for a new co-worker, he loves it. We work for a crisis team, thought you'de like to hear that. Hope you still playin' your heart out. Take care my friend.

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Doc Quinn
over 30 days ago

Hi Bob, better late than never, right. Glad to read your comment. It's always good to hear that someone digs something you wrote. Hope to hear from you again man, I'll try to be around Broadjam more. ;-)> - Doc

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