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David Dana

Hi again!

I'm going to write a little about myself now, so please don't think i'm being big-headed or an egotistical maniac! I just want you to see how I got into singing and songwriting and how it's such a big part of my life now.

Believe it or not, I've only been writing songs for a very short amount of time; nearly a year and a half! I also taught myself the keyboard six months previous to that, just to start up a hobby, as I was knackered at the end of each day from work! I needed something different, apart from just going to the gym!

Without ever previously writing anything creatively, the first song I ever wrote was inspired by an unfortunate and deeply tragic circumstance. The only fortunate thing to come out of this tragedy was a catalyst that sparked my journey into the singer/songwriter world!

'There Have Been Times', was only the second song that I wrote. To guage public response, I decided to send it in to see how the song fared. It reached number one on 'broadjam.com' within a week of its download! This inspired me to keep writing and I have been writing ever since.

I write whenever I can and even though I feel I have an extremely rewarding job, in Sports Medicine, my ultimate passion lies with my music - it's my sounding ground.
I have now achieved a pop/alternative sound that I love, but a sound that others, judging by my emails and messages, love too. However, I must stress that like any good songwriter, I like to keep my music evolving.

I gig acoustically with Bertha, my keyboard, and on occasion my friend and producer, Declan Legge, will accompany me on guitar.

TESTIMONIALS: No I didn't write these comments about myself!! lol.

"David has a very band/contemporary sound to his music - it is very now, but at the same time has a timeless appeal. People relate to his lyrics and that is why he has acquired a great following of people that appreciate his work." (New Music Ireland).

"....this artist's songs are refreshing, honest and close to the heart. We thought the era of listenable songs was gone forever! No way, they have only been in hibernation. It's firmly there; a flair that's begging to be listened to and signed!" (The Voice).

"David's music is firmly set in the pop genre, but with an edge that easily competes with modern signed acts. It's a breath of fresh air for listeners. His simplistic style of music with his powerful voice makes his act versatile and emotive - the guy really drags you into his songs. Even if you aren?t a fan of pop, his music will still grab you!" (New Music Ireland).



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