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I am from Guatemala, a beautiful country with an amazing vibe. I love music, and I discovered it when I was very youngl. I always found classical music very peacefull and southing, but as the years went by, I started to admire diferent artists, discover different sounds, really get to know music... that´s how I fell in love with Rock and Roll. I wrote my first song when I was 14 years old with my grandfathers guittar. Since that day, music has changed my life because It has become sort of like a therapy process, a way to express what I feel and what I´m going through. Ive won several poetry contests and I´m writing new songs to persue my dream. I have to say that I´m a great fan o Ricardo Arjona. I love his lyrics and I hope someday I can touch peoples lives with my songs like he does. I also have to say that I consider my self a revolutionary girl. I believe we have to work together and fight for what we believe in. In my case, honesty, love and more importantly... PEACE.

I play the piano, the guitar and my most precious instrument is my voice. Music is my life.. its what I live for every day.. Ive been in several talent shows throught my life and love to play live. Im just a girl with a musical soul.


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Toni Sunden
over 30 days ago to Daniela Carpio

If you have time check out my new recording.
New songs coming out next week.
Feel free to share or leave a comment.

Have a good day!

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